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Our commitment:

Valencia Energy offers “state of the art” custom build generators for each client’s project. We ensure that the level of customization is to their specific needs and requirements. During building and assembling a great, dedication goes into the details. The harmonic aliments of all the parts and components to ensure product completion match the height’s quality for long service life.


Think about it for a moment! 

No other company in the world offers a warranty anywhere near ours. We warranty the product and the operation as specified, with the bumper-to-bumper warranty covering any parts and component defects. We are sure about the quality and durability of our equipment. We offer an extended warranty (on top of our factory warranty) that covers the product 100% for an additional 20 years. 


We are growing:

Our company is currently transitioning to a centralized facility where assembling and manufacturing are under one location. The new building will have sufficient capacity to accommodate a higher product output and shorter delivery time frame. The administrative offices, a showroom for sale’s support, and a comfortable and safe environment for customers to visit, sit down and discuss their power needs will be in this location as well.


Valencia Energy is currently composed of various support facilities that fabricate a diversity of components and parts. These facilities are located throughout the united states in hard-hat environments, where walk-in customers are discouraged or strictly prohibited by the insurance companies for the liability risk involved. We strongly recommend refraining from visiting the support facilities that manufacture our parts and components at this time. 


Once our new facility is ready, you are welcome to come and visit. Until then, we recommend focusing on the assurance and bonding guarantees in place to mitigate your risk; they cover 100% of the transaction and Guaranty your money back within 30 days after delivering the product if it is not as we specified in our original agreement. 


We recommend that you arrange or inspect the final product before it is ship to your location or have an electrician inspected and tested for your peace of mind.


Our company currently possesses an automated R/D facility, together with the support facilities, our capacity can reach over 400 generators per year.


We provide some pictures below of one of the local support facilities that show the available CNC fabricating equipment.

This document was last updated on Jun 2021

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