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Made in the USA

Made in the USA Compliance:


For a product to qualify and carry the name Made in the USA, the product(s) should be at least 70% American-made.


Everything from raw materials, labor, and any related costs go into this figure; the product's final assembly must be in the USA. The company must be American-owned, and suppliers, distributors, and the US service provider must be headquartered (100%) in the US and must employ US citizens and or legal residents.


Our vision is to provide universal access to power in a manner that preserves a safer, greener, and more sustainable environment for our future. And we aim to do so in a way that redefines customer service and integrity within the power generation industry. 


Our focus is on providing superior engineering coupled with unparalleled customer service. We’ve proposed to ensure that every product that leaves our facility is built with the highest level of craftsmanship. We intend to meet your power needs, large or small, and deliver on time and at a price guaranteed. We stand behind every generator Valencia Energy fabricates. Valencia Energy prides itself on aiming for 100% customer satisfaction with our products made in the USA.


We offer solutions that fit most customer’s needs. We take tremendous pride in our ability to handle most power requirements and the capacity to be extremely competitive on both small and large-scale power requirements.


Our employees remain faithful to our founding principles - to offer the most reliable, renewable, and affordable power with the highest quality of product and service to all our customers.


Consider us as the source for your upcoming power project; we guarantee "100% USA quality" and your satisfaction.


If you have any questions about this document, please contact us.


This document was last updated on Jun 2021

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