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Financing is Available

Apply Today and Explore Your Financing Options:


Financing and leasing are available through independent financing institutions, and depending on the Buyer's creditworthiness, 100% financing is possible. However, in most cases, the Buyer has an out of pocket cost (3rd parties can finance the out of pocket cost) of 15% to 20% of the total cost of the units considering for purchase. Click on the links provided below to learn more and be directed to the financier websites to apply.


Order and Financing Process:

1) Buyer determines the number of units, sizes, color, addon accessories, and other cost related to the Buyer's project, and places the order using the shopping cart, or contacting one of our distributors, or requesting a proposal/invoice (if you are ready to move forward with a deposit to start the construction of the units) contact us, 


2) Next, the Buyer contacts one financing institution (depending on the purchaser’s geographical area and the financing needed) through the links provided below to receive prequalified status for the loan.  


3) Next, the Buyer provides proof of approval for the equipment's funding and place the order with us. Buyer transfers the deposit (depending on the payment option the Buyer chooses), and fabrication of the ordered power units commences


Please, read our return & refund policy and the shipping policy carefully, and contact us with any questions. We are here to assist.

You are in good hands with Valencia Energy & Power, Inc.

Thank you.

Our number one recommended Commercial Bank.

CIT Bank, the 42nd largest commercial bank in the US and the top 5 providers for equipment financing among banks.


  1. Business financing only

  2. Only valid for customers in the US with SSN #


 Key features of our programs include:


  • Simple Application Only, up to $250K (anything over we will need full financials)

  • CIT can provide the customer with the option of working capital as an add-on to equipment financing

  • 25% of the funded transaction can be a soft cost, such as extended warranties, shipping, or training.

  • Risk-based pricing – From A – D credits

  • We offer both PG and Corp Only approvals.

  • Initial credit decisions in as little as 90 seconds 

  • Auto Approvals are without any credit contingencies – we can go straight to contracts.

  • Contracts can be signed via DocuSign.

  • We can pay a reserve at your option.


To apply, please click here.


Please, find below other Financing Institutions: 


Fast Approval Equipment and General Financing (Nationwide the USA Only))


Go Freshfunding: Equipment and General Financing (Nationwide the USA Only)


Westernfin: Equipment Financing (Nationwide the USA Only)


CelticBank: Apply directly for Equipment/Project Financing (Loans 100k and higher)


Global Leasing Financing for Everyone


Marathon Capital: Global Financing for Power Projects & Infrastructure



For International Projects Financing.

Financing for Power Projects & Infrastructure (International Only)

The Export-Import Bank of the US (EXIM Bank) is an independent federal government agency that supports US exporters with insurance, guarantees, loans, and trade finance programs.



Provides US Ex-Im Bank Financing with competitively priced finance to emerging market buyers of U.S. manufactured capital goods.


Meridian Finance Group: is one of EXIM Bank’s most active partners:

Brokering hundreds of EXIM Bank credit insurance policies, originating EXIM Bank loans, and collaborating with EXIM Bank lenders nationwide.


World Bank: provided financing, direct investment, and guarantees for the private sector and Government projects.

Below are some of the required items to process the financing for international projects:


  • Sales Order Signed 

  • Three (3) years of audited financial statements

  • Auditors opinion

  • Balance sheet 

  • Income statement 

  • Cash flow statement

  • Statement of retained earnings

  • Correspondent Notes

  • Company legal papers 

  • Board resolution

  • Tax ID Number 

  • Signing officer ID

  • Operational license

  • 2- Letter of recommendation from creditors/banks

  • 2- Letter of recommendation from clients 

  • 2- Letter of recommendation suppliers

  • Certifications


Please, contact us with any questions. We are here to assist.

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