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                      Executive Summary                        


POWER GENERATION PROJECT                                                                                       



We are introducing a renewable energy project, a unique investment opportunity that you can draw monthly payments on your investment for the 25 years of PPA contract. You also have the flexibility to invest any amount and the ability to exit at any time. that you can draw quarterly payments on your investment for the 25 years of PPA contract. You also have the flexibility to invest any amount and the ability to exit at any time, or you can transfer or resale your entire investment. You own the equipment, and you own the project, You are in control of your investment at all time! 


This Renewable Power Generation Project is backed by tangible assets (the Power Units). It is attached to a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) that guarantees to purchase the power for 25 years at (USD) .12 Cents per Kilo Watt Hours (kWh). Best of all, this project is bonded and insured and is managed by professionals in our company. 


You are in good hands with Valencia Energy & Power Inc.



We can develop any amount up to a 350,000 kWh (kilowatt produced capacities per hour) power plant in (The industrial Capital) Choloma / Honduras - under a PPA contract that warrantee to purchase power for the first 25-years of production (on a Take or pay). 



  1. Construction Duration: 12 Months (After funding)

  2. Turn-Key Project Cost: ($5,000 dollars per Kilo Watt Hours) or $5.00 per watts per hour. 

  3. PPA Contract Signed: (Take or Pay) @ USD .12 Cents per Kilo Watt Hours

  4. Power Generator Cost (Hard Cost): 80%

  5. Installation, Electronics, Equipment & Delivery (Soft Cost): $20%



  1. Per Each kilowatt Invested Today: ($5,000 dollars per kWh)

  2. Gross Annual Revenue: $1,051.20 (Per kWh Year)

  3. Net Annual Revenue (before Taxes): $963.6 (Per kWh Year)

  4. Operating & Maintenance Yearly Cost: $87.60 (Per kWh Year)

  5. ROI In less than 5.5 Years






You own this tangible project or any part thereof, depending on your investment size. You can exit at any time by selling the project at any time during the life of the project.





  1. $500,000.00, for a Unit Size of 100 kWh, and the yearly net is $96,360.00

  2. $5,000,000.00, for a Unit Size of 1000 kWh, and the yearly net is $963,600.00

  3. $50,000,000.00, for a Unit Size of 10,000 kWh, and the yearly net is $9,636,000.00

  4. $100,000,000.00, for a Unit Size of 20,000 kWh, and the yearly net is $19,272,000.00

  5. $200,000,000.00, for a Unit Size of 40,000 kWh, and the yearly net is $38,544,000.00 



All projects are turn-key project, under the power purchase agreement and with a 12 months construction period



Per each kWh invested of $ 5,000, the annual revenue expected is $1,051.20, with the O/M Yearly Cost of  $87.60 kWh-Y 



You can invest any amount above, and you will own 100% of the power plant (the equipment) and the project (related to the size of your investment).


PROJECT RESALE VALUE: (Investors & Supporters Exit)

At the time that you want to exit, an appraisal is requested on the project and is usually calculated at the annual revenue times 5 years, to come up with the Project Resale Value.


PROJECT NOTES:                           

This project is: Technological Advanced, humanitarian categorize, environmentally friendly, is under a 25 years contract PPA agreement, insured & bonded, backed by tangible assets, managed by experienced professionals, and with 90% of the logistic completed.                                                    



The stand-alone power plant, which emits no pollution, and consumes no fuel, and puts out no waste; The equipment warranty by manufacture with an extended warranty for up to 25 additional years, That produce pure sine wave power, and provides prime power 24/7-365, that is useable to inject grid frequency, on or off-Grid capability with heavy-duty synchronous dynamos or inverters



The Power Units (Hard Cost) is about  80% of the project, and the installation and delivery (Soft Cost) is about $20% of the total cost of the project; Plus any related taxes associated with importation. 



The development process, from funding to completion, and commissioning, is estimated to take approximately 12 months. This duration may be reduced if logistics and/or the governmental bureaucratic processes encountered during the development move quicker, or extended if they do not. 


The Municipality of Choloma is providing full governmental support and shall provide all the permitting, and assistance with logistics.

We have governmental support for this project, from the local municipality to congressional, and presidential approval. In addition, the unconditional support of the USA Exim Bank and the local embassy.



VEPI has already invested substantial effort and resources towards arranging or securing the infrastructure and other resources needed to realize its plant development goals and has made good progress. VEPI has acquired under suitable contract land to house the plant facility, obtained the necessary zoning and environmental approvals, and conducted soft interconnection studies.


VEPI has also identified or secured contracts for developmental and logistics components of the Project, including local general construction and commercial electrical contractors, transportation logistics and security providers, plant components and material suppliers, and customs set up.


With your investment, we can accelerate its efforts to achieve a short development delivery time.



The power generated by the plant will be sold directly to the consumers through the Municipality of Choloma's contract, on a take or pay basis at $0.12 (US) per kWh. VEPI's tariff represents a $.05 to $0.15 savings on the existing tariff in Choloma.



VEPI, in the capacity of a contractor or concessioner can offer billing and collection services on behalf of its off-take customer, via Pre-Paid Metering System installed in customer’s homes and/or business premises. This service facilitates efficient and effective collection of receivables and reduces costs (by reducing bad debts, account posting and billing cost, meter reading, disconnection and connection labor cost), and reduces related end-user fees, while offering them greater control over usage. These benefits translate into better service to the client and higher net for the investors and supporters. 



VEPI has formed a Honduran “Special Purpose Entities” (SPEs) to develop the power plant. The SPEs will develop and run the operations of the plant, and function as a pass-through entity for capital investment in, and earnings distributions out of each project.



The Project offers investment in a potentially high growth area - the Honduran’s renewable energy sector. VEPI is seeking investment capital from firms, or individual investors, and supporters with the foresight and interest in investing in this unique and forward-looking opportunity. Our goal is to procure long-term power with favorable terms to support a successful project and with a high return for our supporters and investor. 


We are open to discussions on details with lending institutions or investors that may be interested in providing financing or investment capital for one or more of our power plant projects. 



Following technical reviews and assessment of VEPI’s projects by insurance companies, VEPI has obtained favorable insurance underwriting dispositions and expects to back its performance under its PPAs, and executed investment agreements, with performance and investment security bonds or Facultative Reinsurance of Payment, and other insurance coverage policies from highly rated international insurers that will cover, amongst others, the correct use of funds, product completion, project construction quality, compliance with PPA, political and currency exchange risks, including convertibility and transference, that are necessary to enhance the protection of the project debt or investment capital. 


The power systems will also be backed by 25-year extended product warranty coverage (this is a paid warranty), provided under the manufacture, and backed by the manufacture product insurance company.



Honduras is best known for agriculture, Mining, and its growing textile industry. It's export products including agricultural products, such as coffee, tropical fruit, and sugar cane; Mining products that include minerals and precious metals, such as lead and zinc, and gold and silver; and, as well as textiles products including manufacturing brand clothing. 


Over the years, the Honduran government has embarked on numerous initiatives to foster export trade to support economic growth. Its initiatives include signing the CAFTA free trade agreement with the United States (2005), to facilitate a freer flow of trade between the US and Honduras; MOU with a group of international investors to build a special trade zone (2012), to encourage foreign investments in the Honduran economy; and completion of the “Canal Seco” - a corridor of superhighway that will link neighboring countries to move goods faster to the ports of neighboring nations. These and other initiatives aimed at boosting trade and attracting foreign direct investments into the Honduran economy to boost employment and lift more people out of poverty, have made Honduras “a nation ready for business.”


However, a significant challenge that has constrains the Honduran economy remains the inadequate supply of stable, economical, and reliable power. Honduras suffers a severe power capacity deficit, high per kWh electricity cost, and numerous energy-related environmental challenges. The new industries Honduras intends to attract will require substantial amounts of power to operate, and will challenge Honduras’ energy capacity. The economy will benefit from additional cost-effective and environmentally friendly power capacity. The good news is that proactive business-oriented initiatives and bold power deregulation efforts of successive Honduran governments have made Honduras arguably one of the best countries in Centro America for power investments. 


VEPI’s offers solutions and substantial benefits to the Honduran power sector. On the other hand, Honduras offers VEPI a tailor-made and potentially very profitable market for its turnkey power plant projects.



The vision of Valencia Energy & Power, Inc. is to provide universal access to power in a manner that preserves a safer, greener, and more sustainable environment for our future. And we aim to do so in a way that redefines customer service and integrity within the power generation industry and with the investor or supporters.


Our focus is on providing superior engineering coupled with unparalleled customer service. We’ve purposed to ensure that every project develop is with the highest level of craftsmanship. We intend to meet client power needs, large or small, and to deliver on time and at a price guaranteed. We stand behind every PLANT Valencia Energy fabricates. Valencia Energy prides itself on aiming for 100% customer satisfaction with our products and service.


We offer solutions that fit most customer’s needs; and take tremendous pride in our ability to handle most power requirements, and the capacity to be extremely competitive on both small and large-scale power requirements.


Valencia Energy & Power, Inc. and all our employees remain faithful to our founding principles - to offer the most reliable, renewable, and affordable power, with the highest quality service to all our customers.


Considers us for investment or the source for your upcoming power project; we guarantee your satisfaction. 


If you have any questions regarding this investment, or you need additional information about this project, please do not hesitate to contact us and requested, we have hundreds of pages and documents related to this project.


Dr. A Valencia CEO


If you have any questions about this document, please contact us.


Download the ROI calculator in Excel File


Last updated on March, 2020

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