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Sizing The Power Plant

How to size your unit correctly:


Correctly sizing a Power Unit is critical to ensure reliability and long service life. It also helps preserve product warranty. 


Valencia Energy Power Units are built for continuous operation and to provide prime (constant) power. As a general rule (in the power industry), any generator that is providing continual power is recommended only to draw a maximum of 70% of their rated capacity. 


A properly sized Power Unit which prevents overwork, and is regularly maintained can last up to 40 or more years. For this reason, we recommend a properly sized unit with suitable features for your specific application.


If you have questions or need assistance with determining the right size to meet your specific needs before your order, you can chat with us or contact us.


You may also be able to obtain personalized attention by reach out to one of our distributors.


If you prefer to download and use the self-service sizing calculator, please click on the button below. 


This document was last updated in March 2020


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